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7 Tips You Should Follow For Your Baby's Healthy Skin Care

Did you know that a baby's skin is five times more sensitive than yours? After successful delivery, many parents really worried about how they'll going to take care of beautiful baby skin. 

New Born Baby's Skin Care tips

Every single time you touch them their brain is filled with feel-good hormones that help them bond better with you for a lifetime so. Below are 7 Tips You Should Follow For Your Baby's Healthy Skin Care, which we are going to discuss with you.

New Born Skin Care Tips You Should Follow

Follow these tips to get better care of your newborn baby's skin.
  • Help Prevent Sun Rays
  • Keep Your Baby Moisturized 
  • Don't Over Bath
  • Change Their Diapers 
  • Look When Newborn Drool
  • Talcum Powder Controversy
  • Mild Soap For Every Bath

Help Prevent Sun Rays

We love going out in the Sun but the ultraviolet rays are very harmful to adults so you can imagine the side effects on the newborn. But what about vitamin D? 

Do you know vitamin D is as important for babies as for adults. To take care of this problem, use the stroller with the head care. Secondly whenever you stepped out make sure that your baby is fully covered from head to toe in soft comfortable clothing.

Keep Your Baby Moisturized 

Keep them moisturized here is a baby care tip that you may definitely not be aware of. Baby skin dries out twice as fast as in adults. Massage with great oils goes a long way to prevent their skin from drying out. 

Make sure to pick an oil that's specially designed for babies. We suggest Neemlis sweet almond and apricot baby oil.  Here almond oil is a blend of vitamin A B and E and is suited for babies because of its high moisturizing capacity. Apricot seed oil again contains vitamin A and E and helps to nourish and soften the baby's skin. Vitamin A helps fight irritation and reduces dryness 

Don't Over Bath

Don't over bath. This is a problem specially observed amongst new moms, new moms are very eager to keep their babies clean. A little too much Ideally 2 to 3 baths a week is all that is needed for a newborn to be clean till the umbilical cord stump falls off. 

Something you need to do is give them a sponge bath. Once it's fallen off please use a bathtub fill it with some warm water using mild soap and shampoo  

 Change Their Diapers 

Often the only way to prevent irritant diaper dermatitis is to not let them be in soiled diapers. Change their diapers as much as possible because prevention is better than cure. 

Here is a pro tip for you to be stock up on diapers as much as possible because once the baby arrives you really won't have much time to stock and you definitely are going to need as much diapers as possible in the initial few days.

 Look When Newborn Drool

You must watch out for baby drool. Baby is true especially when they're teething and this is bad because of the enzymes present in their saliva. 

This can badly irritate their skin. To prevent this, apply some petroleum jelly while feeding your baby around her mouth. After the feeding is done just wipe it off with a damp cloth. This will prevent the baby from any kind of skin irritation.

Talcum Powder Controversy

Over the years lots of mothers have used talcum powder to remove moisture around the diaper area. But there's a lot of controversy around talcum powder. Talcum powders may have caused respiratory issues amongst babies. 

Should you really avoid it? We would say check with your doctor. There are a lot of talc-free options available in the market. You can stick to a talc-free powder also you in by can use natural options like baking soda and oat flour 

Mild Soap For Every Bath

For every single bath make sure to use a mild soap. Please avoid using any harmful chemicals or detergents because that can cause trouble to their skin. Consult your doctor to check what works best for your baby's skin issues. 

Don't Worry About These.

There some skin conditions that are sure to freak you out but worry not there are easy solutions for all of them.

 A cradle cap is one such situation it's a crusty yellow scale formation on your baby's scalp. It's a result of the hormones being passed on to the baby from you during the delivery process. 

It's, not a very difficult thing just make sure to use a soft brush to remove those scales from your baby's scalp. 

You could use the brush a few times a day and make sure the brush is clean. If the situation still persists after a few weeks make sure to consult yours. 

Milia is another such skin condition. They are small white bumps on their faces they typically happen to newborns but can happen at other ages too. There is no treatment needed as it goes off by itself. 

Baby acne or red rashes disappears too. It's a condition that will go off on its own again you do not really need to panic. If it stays for longer please consult your doctor and

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